Ignite The Fire

Here’s some of last week’s #chicksesh @csagym with my cousin Lori, Jen Dancer @jennob7 and of course the fittest 2nd graders around Kaycie and Sophia. This was after all 5 of us hit a 3RM Push Press. I love the shared energy of training in a group vs on my own and the determination the kids have to do everything the grown-ups do reminds me what it was like when I first started CrossFit.
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Scrambled eggs, half an avocado and half of a homegrown tomato for quick “pre dinner” meal before @jesseburdick and I run out the door for Back to School night!
Summer break is over but I’m not ready to give up the #jackedandtanplan …my tan will fade soon but I can stay jacked all year!
Cooking cred goes to Jesse…this guy does it all!
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