Ignite The Fire

Don’t forget to keep living your life!

It is so important to set goals both long-term and short and it is even more important to follow through with a plan to reach them.  I work with a lot of people who invite me to be a part of their journey by helping to coach and guide them along the way.  We set specific boundaries on training and nutrition, we find what works and what doesn’t by focusing in on performance and other health markers, and in doing so together we strive to keep their life headed in the direction that they want.

I do the same thing with my coaches.  I determine a goal for myself, create a plan on how to achieve it, and use my coaches to advise me and hold me accountable for my actions.  This is a valuable and necessary process to success and to growing as an individual.  Nonetheless, while I’m going after my goal I can unknowingly lose track of the day to day pleasures of living.  Time passes quickly and before I know it I’ve missed out on some of my life because the goal I had my eye on has consumed my whole line of vision.  I get sucked into a new goal (training plan, diet, upcoming event) and I can forget to live and enjoy the journey along the way. 

Keep living your life!  Seek balance above obsession.  Allow for an exception every now and again.  Take a step off of your course and trust that you will find your way right back again.  When you’ve given yourself all of the makings for success - outlined your path and asked for help and accountability from your peers and coaches - then you will reach your goal and you will continue to create lasting memories and experiences along the way.

I’m enjoying the simplicity and control of following a strict diet for a month.  I’ve seen great success early on and know that it will continue over the next 2 weeks.  But as life happens, last Saturday I found myself on a flight to Vegas that I booked only 36hours earlier.  I got to watch the UFC fights from the closest seats I will probably ever be in and I had a blast!  Drinking is not really my thing these days, so instead my partners in crime (Jesse Burdick and Mark Bell) and I went crazy at Burger Bar with black truffle, fois gras burgers and ridiculous candy-swirled milkshakes!  It was incredibly delicious and really just so much fun to let loose and enjoy our night.

It’s a great memory, a hilarious story, and a guilt-free reason to take one step away from my plan.  Ok, so it was a REALLY BIG step away, but I woke up and stepped right back onto my diet so I could correct whatever damage I may have done.  That’s the life I want to live.  One that is full of hard work, focus and success, as well as interesting experiences, daily happiness, and spur-of-the-moment excitement.  It’s the balance that I am always looking to find from day to day.  I hope you can find the balance that best suits your lifestyle and that you enjoy the life that you’re living!

Down to 163.4 from 170 in 10days - I’m stoked!
But man is it hard to stay on the Plan some days. I don’t know about the rest of you but I keep craving carbs. I try to convince myself that I deserve them or that worse, I NEED them. Truthfully, I’m feeling good and seeing results so I’m sticking to it!

Remember that life happens though. I’m going to a wedding on Sunday with a bunch of close friends and I’m going to enjoy myself! My goals didn’t change, so 1 evening off of the plan isn’t going to derail anything. You’ve gotta have balance!

(Looks like I still have to up my game on the tanning though…)

Let me know how the rest of you are doing on the #jackedandtanplan !!

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