Ignite The Fire

Back from vacation and back on that #jackedandtanplan ! Cooked some chicken thighs with a little tomato sauce and a LOT of homegrown tomatoes from Harry Selkow’s garden! Measuring out mine and @jesseburdick ‘s meals and loading up our @6packbags for the day. @reebok @reebokone @killcliff @kineticchainsportllc @bsnsupplements @marksmellybell

My training partners @csagym are awesome!! Here #theBurdicktwins are crushing another workout with me. Love having some company and the extra push. Theses 2 look at the gym and see all the movements, games, and tricks they’ve learned and they want to play everyday! @jesseburdick @reebok @reebokone @jgraygymnasty @killcliff @kineticchainsportllc @bsnsupplements @marksmellybell