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Sponsor Product Giveaway!!!

I’m so grateful for all of the products and overall support I’ve received from my sponsors over the past year. I’ve collected stacks of extra clothes, supplements, shoes, drinks, and equipment that I am looking to share with whoever is interested in entering into my weekly product giveaway!



BSN Supplements


These sponsors have all given me the green light to add their products into my “grab bag” of goodies. Each week I will choose 1 lucky winner and draw their prize(s) from the bag/box.

To be entered into the drawing look for my Instagram post later this week with more instructions!

Here are my pictures from 3weeks ago at 170lb, 2weeks ago at 163lb, and today 166lb. Sometimes the scale is the enemy, I think my face looks leaner and lower abs/waist line is leaner. Scales and selfies don’t always tell the whole story! Concentrate on what counts: your performance, how you feel, and how you’re recovery is day to day.
I feel great, I’m happy with how I look, and my positions and workouts are feeling good. Im choosing to focus on all the positives vs the one negative of a plateau on the scale!

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