Ignite The Fire

Haven’t hit some #boxsquats in a while so yesterday I worked up to a heavyish set of 3. This is 265, the goal is to sit way back to the box so that your shins are vertical, I think I was a little conservative with that here.
To stand you need to drive your knees out hard and keep your chest up. The more you drive your knees out, the easier it will be to bring your hips back underneath you. On this set you can see my knees want to come in as I start to come off the box, and my chest begins to drop. Working technique here has a huge payoff to all other squats (yes even Olympic lifting)
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So Much More Than a Workout

Anyone who comes from a CrossFit gym knows that what they’ve found goes beyond the actual training program, the goals, and the results and it reaches out and grabs them from the inside.  There’s an energy that binds us together; a shared feeling within our community at our own gym and within CrossFit at large.  We see each other and understand it.  We are like-minded in our drive for self-improvement and health, but unique in our struggles, journeys, and successes.  I’ve spent the past two weekends at two different events designed to build off of that very community.

In Toronto, at Women Strong I was one of the coaches leading a group of 40 women on a retreat that included a great deal of training, group discussions, and practice, while also raising money and awareness for breast cancer research.

This past weekend in St. Louis, MO I participated in Battle For Courage, a team event that donated $65,000 to Kevin Ogar to use as he continues to rehabilitate and adapt after a tragic weightlifting accident severed his spine.  Kevin’s friends and family came together with Barbells For Boobs and CrossFit TNT to create a team competition with the goal of raising money for Kevin.

What sticks with me after these two trips are the smiling faces, the laughter, the hugs, the handshakes and the high fives of the dozens of people I’ve met, trained with, competed alongside, and connected with in a matter of days.  Our common love for CrossFit and our shared knowledge of what it feels like to keep fighting when you’re down, to keep pushing when you’re hurting and to keep working when you’re tired is what builds that connection. It’s a look in someone’s eyes that just tells you you’re understood and you’re among friends.

I have to be honest, I never considered myself someone who was understood, someone who could make friends easily and I’ve always struggled with feeling awkward and uncomfortable in large groups.

There is something about being in this community that washes all of that away.  I feel like I am among friends even with people I’ve never met before because they just get it.  They are the hard workers, the people that never quit, and the ones that are there with a comforting word when you’re down.  They’re my CrossFit family and I love that I get to travel all over meeting more and more people in that extended family.  Thank you all for letting me into your world and for being a part of mine.